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  • Norman Olson II

    NORMAN OLSON II, P.E - President/Principal Engineer
    Mr. Olson is a proven professional who will work as an effective advocate for the client’s project. He represents the client and their projects before a wide variety of local agencies, councils and commissions for citizen groups. Mr. Olson has a keen understanding of engineering principles as well as agency permit processing to ensure the client’s project remains practical, cost effective and timely during the design and review process.
    Mr. Olson has extensive knowledge on many facets of all Civil Engineering Disciplines; from Site Civil to Structural Design to Environmental projects. In that regard, he works well with all required sub-consultants, municipal officials and engineers to keep the client’s project on track.

  • Greg Boeh

    JIM DEMPSEY, P.L.S. - Survey Department Manager
    Mr. Dempsey is a Licensed Professional Surveyor in Washington State. Having over 24 years of experience, Jim is responsible for the planning and directing of land surveying, managing both staff and projects. He is knowledgeable of local and state rules, regulations and laws regarding surveying services to both public municipalities and private clients. Jim has a proven record of success managing engineering design surveys for multiple engineering disciplines. His relationships both with the field crews and the office team have undoubtedly contributed to the company’s excellent reputation with title companies, developers, municipalities, lenders and building construction firms. This experience has given Jim the knowledge to know what is required to complete projects on time and within budget.

  • Wesley Johnson

    WESLEY JOHNSON, P.E. - Geotechnical Engineering Manager
    Mr. Johnson has expertise in multiple aspects of Residential Development, Commercial Development, Utilities infrastructure Design & Construction, Geologic Hazards Mitigation, Geotechnical Site Investigation, Interpreting and Analyzing Soils Data, Site Development Recommendations, Slope Stability Analysis, Segmental Block Retaining Wall Design, Developing Recommendations for Foundations and Shoring.
    Mr. Johnson has expertise in all key phases of project development, including project startup, preliminary and final investigations, preparation of construction documents, on-site construction monitoring, operation and maintenance of remediation systems, project management, final reporting and maintaining client relations.

  • Matthew Zawlocki

    MATTHEW ZAWLOCKI, P.E., S.E. - Structural Engineering Manager
    Matt is a Washington State Licensed Structural Engineer and has several years of structural design experience with a variety of structures and materials, and has spent a considerable amount of time doing structural inspection. He has designed residential buildings, retaining walls, as well as, seismic retrofits and load ratings for culverts and bridges. He has performed research in timber design and designed with aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials.
    As a bridge engineer for King County, he was responsible for managing bridge design/retrofit projects from start to finish working with surveyors, contractors and consultants and the regulating agencies and districts. Should Matt serve as the project engineer assigned to this project, he will work closely with you as the client to ensure the successful completion of you project.

  • Ron Johnson

    RON JOHNSON, P.E. - Plans Preparation Manager
    Mr. Johnson works to assist Mr. Olson in turning innovative ideas and practical solutions into plans and reports that meet the requirements of the respective agencies. As Plans Preparation Manager, Mr. Johnson designs final projects and ensures the plan presentation is clear and legible. Mr. Johnson also is one of the key engineers working with plan submittals to the Washington State Department of Transportation whenever a project involves modification of a State Highway, ensuring the plans meet rigorous State D.O.T. standards for appearance and presentation.
    Mr. Johnson also designs innovative storm water control structures, from flow splitters to combined infiltration and detention ponds. These features provide economical solutions to difficult project situations. His research into new technologies including WWHM programming ensures that N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. stays abreast of the latest in today’s technology.

  • Trish Walton

    TRISH WALTON - Office Manager
    Trish is our office manager and has been employed with the firm since 1995. Therefore, in that time, she has developed a clear understanding of the permit procedures associated with and required by all of the local jurisdictions. Trish understands the type of communication that is necessary to ensure that the permit processing is streamlined and efficient. Most importantly, Trish is well known by N.L. Olson’s clients as a trusted, cheerful professional who is dedicated to helping them successfully complete their important projects.

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